Rainbow Arrow Teachings Creates the First Canadian


Joseph Rael had a vision
that has inspired people all over the world to build Peace Sound Chambers...


 Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) says "It is a place for people of all faiths, colors and traditions to come together in mutual respect. We foster ways of remembering and honoring the inter-connectedness of all life, all people."

"We welcome you to join with us in co-creating visions of a healed world. Join with us in learning, working, laughter and prayer. The world needs all our voices, all our prayers."

"the purpose of the Peace/Sound Chambers is to be our caretakers. To help us to access the wisdom from an ancient source. They act as a mouthpiece for higher mind to amplify that which we need at this time on Earth and to help all who walk upon her. By building Chambers on the surface of the Earth, a web of light is created so that a person making sound inside the Chamber sets up a continuous resonance around the Earth."

Beautiful Painted Arrow is a Medicine Man, Author, Sound Healer, Artist and Storyteller from both the Pueblo Nations of New Mexico and the Plains Tribes of Southern Colorado. He received the Peace/Sound Chamber Vision in 1983, since then 60 Chambers have been built or are in the process of being built around the World. Grafton, Ontario is the home of the 48th Chamber, the Sacred Arrow Peace Sound Chamber.

Rainbow Arrow Teaching is overseeing the building and management of the Sacred Arrow Peace/Sound Chamber situated in a majestic pine forest North East of Cobourg. Also a new Long Dance arbor was built adjacent to the Chamber, a photograph taken at the Winter Solstice Celebration revealed a rainbow of color shooting out from the center stones.

Owen James's Inspiration Story

 It sounded like a wonderful idea to build a Peace Sound Chamber. We had 40 acres and many places that seemed perfect to build it on. The only problem was that every time I asked the spirits if it was OK to build one, the answer was always a resounding, "No". So I came to the conclusion that it was not for me to build one. I told myself all kinds of reasons why, but acknowledged that I didn't really know.
Soon after the Long Dance in October, 1996, the inspiration came to find out who owned the meadow up the road from our farm. I had been eyeing it for about twelve years. Negotiations began with the neighbors who owned the meadow, and we signed an agreement. Several days later I was doing an all night ceremony with Beautiful Painted Arrow in the Bernalillo chamber. During the ceremony, the spirit of that chamber came to me and told me it was now time to build a chamber in Canada. The Spirit showed me where on the land it was to go, its size, and most of its form. He showed me an opening in the forest that I was not aware of, and two large guardian trees about twenty feet into the forest. With the natural opening there, very few trees would have to be cut. I was amazed when I returned to the farm and walked the land. Everything appeared just as the Spirit had described it. We closed the contract for the land in May.


On Friday, June 20, 1997, Joseph came to bless the new land where the Peace Chamber was going to be built. It was summer solstice and the beginning of the Sun-Moon Dance. Joseph left the house early in the morning to start his ritual. By the time most of the dancers and friends had arrived, the hole at the center of what was to be the chamber was already half full of corn, soil, water, and other sacred blessing herbs. We formed a large circle in the forest and spontaneously took hands. There was a profound feeling of respect for the ritual that Joseph was conducting and a wonderful feeling of being part of this new creation. Joseph asked for three stones and people went off in various directions to find the "right" ones. Marla remembered one she saw up the hill on the edge of the forest a brought it back. Soon we had the stones. The group gathered back into the circle before the final blessing was bestowed. As Joseph performed the final prayer, a beam of brilliant white light descended into this blessed spot, as if a White Light Being arrived for the first Canadian Peace Sound Chamber. Most of the group burst out in tears from the unexpected sight and the feelings of intense gratitude for this fortuitous blessing just before the Sun-Moon Dance.


By the middle of September I had cut down all the trees that stood in the building area. They all agreed to be cut down with no objection. Except for one. The last tree, the largest of the pines to be cut, did object. When I asked it if I could cut it down, it said, "No". "Now what?" I thought to myself. I slowly became aware of this great spirit in the tree and I explained to it that to build the chamber I needed it to move to another tree in the forest. I waited many minutes until I became aware of a great wind starting at the base of the tree. With a whoosh sound this great tree spirit began to leave the top of the tree. It was huge and moved up the hill into another tree. We have been in regular communication ever since. After we cut the tree we counted its rings. It was 75 years old. All the trees cut down were used to finish the inside of the chamber.

September saw the hillside dug out and in October, Joseph helped us pour the footings for the walls. Owen This was the day before the Long Dance and I was very grateful that Joseph could be there to help us pour the foundation. A few weeks later, Bob Douith and his crew began the block wall. In two weekends the walls were up and parched. Pamela Friendly put out a call to everyone she could think of to donate crystals. A wonderful assortment came in. These were put inside the blocks, creating spirals from the cardinal directions with a row of herkamer crystals along the whole top of the circle of blocks. Each step of the building process brought many people to help, watch, do ceremony, sing to the spirits in the trees, and generally enjoy the wonder of the chamber going up.