The Fardamento is the Sacred charge of those who have answered the call to represent the Divine in our works and in life. If you have to ask yourself if you are ready, you probably are not, as most members who have taken their stars and become fardados can recount the moment and tell the story of when the received "The Call".

The Daime has a supremely intimate and personal connection with all whom work within our current. The conscious application of service, dedication, and goodwill towards all creation is very present within those who are ready.

Fardados have added responsibilities to support the works. They undertake Guardianship, as well as other roles to carry out the instructions of the leader of the work. They also commit to the uniform, and to seek elevated knowledge of the hymns, shamanism, & mediumship. They hold fundraisers, interview potential visitors, travel to Brazil for Fetio, among many countless needs of the community.

Fardados are respected members who are afforded international support from any Church or Centre of Santo Diame they visit or align with at any time during their Fardamento anywhere in the World.

Céu de Toronto has Star Ceremonies bi-annually around the time of the Summer and Winter festivals.