We have been waiting a long time to share the very special community we have been building.

For 18 years we have conducted our works in the faith that one day we could openly invite those interested in working along with their brothers and sisters. What does it mean to Work in a Doctrine that simply talks of love, forgiveness, honesty, and a call to truly open ones heart?  This is not so easy to accomplish in this mutiplistic world we live in. This simple Doctrine encourages and guides our growth by recognizing the divinity in everything. Through membership, one enters a practice, and is asked by the Holy Daime to become conscious of the hidden layers that both this life and our past lives influence. In the variety of Works that we offer, there is ample opportunity to delve deep inside ones conscious self and to learn to respect all as one. We truly live in a world of connectiveness, we invite you to explore and learn more about the Spiritual School of Santo Daime. We are excited to work with you.

Thank you & God Bless.